News 12 - Global Institute - Powell

N12LI Aired on 3/3/2017 11:56:04 AM
he served our nation for decades in the military and in washington. last night - colin powell brought his experience to our island. the former secretary of state spoke to several hundred people - at the l-i-u post campus in brokville. powell talked about serving under 4 presidents. he also commented on curent state of the world. "the situation in a lot of the world is complicated and complex- but at the same time there are some good things going on. we don't face the kind of enemies that we faced once before where nuclear anihilation was right at our doorstep." powel was the first speaker at the newly launched global institute - at l-i-u. former congressman steve israel is the director - and says it will serve as a platform for world leaders - analysts - and social activists.